…and we’re constantly changing the scenery.

Well we are back from our visit to Chi-town and we had a blast!   Our trip was geared to photograph some of the most gorgeous and kind-hearted ladies to include in our CLASS OF 2015 senior campaign!

“Why Chicago?”  Well that’s a great question.  I like to say “Why NOT Chicago?”  Especially since it’s only like one my most favorite places ever!  Lol.  The food alone would be enough to keep me satisfied for a lifetime.   However, we did have work to do and seriously, Chicago is beyond insanely cool to shoot in.  The architecture is phenomenal and there are new surroundings every second even if you stay put in the same spot.  I am the kind of person who feeds off the energy of the hustle and bustle, crowds, noise and even traffic.  There is nothing like it. Drawing on that much energy allows my creativity to go through the roof and it needs to go somewhere right?


We stayed at the popular “Wit” hotel right on State Street.  DIRECTLY next to The Chicago Theater.  It was incredible.  The Wit has some serious modern décor that we were in love with.  We started our shoot there.  Big thanks to the staff for allowing us to invade the lobby for a bit.  Speaking of the staff, they were ridiculously kind and attentive.  I’m thinking that it might even be one of my favorite hotel experiences ever because of their ability to make the stay perfect!

Ok, back to the shoot.  We then continued to The Chicago Theater and photographed some really great street scenes, complete with passer-by foot traffic.  :)  As I was demonstrating to Alex how to stand in the photo, a man driving by leaned out of his window smiled at us and shouted, “You go on and show her how to pose right!”  lol, we had a good laugh at that one.  Captured Memories, causing a scene everywhere. :)

That afternoon we spend some time in a great neighborhood with some beautiful brownstones and then headed over to the LaSalle Street Bridge to finish up.  It was COLD… like, freezing.  For real.  The girls were troopers and we really ended up with some incredible images.  We will be posting some sneak peeks periodically so be on the look out!

Lastly, we finished up with our very own Rachel’s senior photos for this year.  Union Station was the scene and it was gorgeous!  Rachel made a few friends and was asked to have her photo taken, lol.  :)

Will we continue to shoot in Chicago?  Oh yes!  Make sure to stay tuned we have BIG plans for that city, HUGE!  :)

Boudoir photography

Frequently we are asked “What should I wear or bring to my session?”  The first thing to know is we would like you to bring many options that we can use. Before your session Paula, our photographer, will peek at what you’ve brought and offer suggestions based on our backgrounds and what inspires her artistically.

Bring clothing, lingerie, or items that make you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy.  Avoid anything that you don’t love or doesn’t fit you properly.  You will love your images if you are wearing what makes you feel gorgeous.  Don’t be afraid to bring out your personality and try something out of the box – we are always ready for creativity! Be sure to bring heels, they lengthen and create definition to your legs.  Some additional ideas are:

-Pearls or other jewelry

-Gowns or dresses

-Garter belt and thigh highs (be sure to avoid thigh highs with self grip for garters)

-Hair accessories

-Your husband or significant others career or hobby/interest items

-For pin-up style photos props can be a great way to complete your look.  If you are looking for something specific let us know and we can direct you where to rent these items.

In addition, PAMPER YOURSELF before your session.  Schedule a hair and make-up appointment.  Hair can be stressful to try to complete yourself…if you get frustrated it can set the tone for the day.  Along those same lines, make-up is also a way to ensure you love your look that day.  Be sure to consider false eyelashes as they will add a beautiful dramatic look to the images.  You may even consider a massage appointment before or afterwards to complete the day.   We suggest the following professionals who are phenomenal at what they do and will take great care of you…tell them we sent you!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE TODAY! Or call us at 402.890.5661.

Our recommended salons/spas:

Salon MohVi, tell Virginia we sent you! They will treat you well! 402.465.5363

Illusions Hair & Nail Salon, Ginger (hair stylist) is the best! 402.423.4949

Sweet Jane Salon, Casey (makeup artist) does beautiful work! 402.435.8601

Bella Spa, message/makeup/waxing/nails. 402.327.9726

Since I was a little girl, there was one thing that continually occupied my thoughts.


Specifically newborn babies.  Their little toes, their sweet faces and all the adorable things about them fascinated me. I guess that’s why photographing newborn babes is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole entire world.  Not only do I have the opportunity to create beautiful memories for their adoring parents, but I selfishly am allowed to cuddle and kiss the tiniest of sweethearts while they sleep soundly in my arms.  (Sometimes the sessions last longer so I can simply relax into the happiest place on earth, watching a brand-new sleeping babe. There is nothing more nourishing or relaxing for the soul.)

For years I have built my business on relationships and many of those relationships have centered around babies, including OB-GYN and Midwife offices. Maternity stores and even hospitals.  Our studio also coordinates and wonderful and much needed volunteer program, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  www.nilmdts.org provides photos to families who have experienced the loss of their precious little ones in order to heal and have loving memories forever.  I believe so strongly in the importance of memories and capturing them to look back on, the emotions we feel when viewing photos are so very deep and filled with love, I never want anyone to lose that!

I’ve always felt strongly  that displaying emotion filled portraits on the walls of Saint Elizabeth in the Labor & Delivery as well as the Postpartum and even NICU units would be a wonderful addition to the family feel and care you receive when you are a patient there.  After many meetings and discussions with the wonderful and amazing staff, we were able to donate our images to the hospital.  What is even better than that?  All the images displayed have a connection to Saint Elizabeth!  We’ve spent the last year photographing the staff, their families, patients, as well as gathering past images to make each and every image connect to the beauty and legacy that is St. Elizabeth!The Lounge 1

Advanced Baby Center 1If you get the chance to view the new Advanced Baby Center, you will be in for a treat.  They have remodeled so much of the unit and there is so much more to come!  The new family lounge is beautiful and there is a new family “Cafe” in the Postpartum unit as well!  The decor is cozy and comfortable, just what you want when you are bringing your new little ones into the world! KLKN has a small news clip on the opening and features our images!  View the clip:  St. Elizabeth Advanced Baby Center remodel

Our thanks to the many patients and staff members (and families!) who helped us with this project, as well as the immense amount of effort from Captured Memories staff and our wonderful lab!  (not to forget the sacrifice of my own family with all the late nights editing!)  My gratitude is so great that it is difficult to put into words!

-Paula :)

Behind the scenes look at the project…

Our trip to Iowa on one of the coldest days of that week to pick up the prints! Thanks to Steve and Frank, I could not have done that without you!

The pick up 1

The transfer 1

Delivering the prints to the hospital!

The delivery 1

Watching the images go up!  Thanks a million to John and Fred for the expert hanging utilizing lasers!  :)

Nruses station 2 First image up 1 Beautiful boys 1

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography598 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography599 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography600 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography601 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography602 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography603 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography604 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography605 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography606 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography607 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography608 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography609 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography610 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography611 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography612 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography613

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography585 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography586 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography587 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography588 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography589 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography590 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography591 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography592 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography593 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography594 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography595

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography555 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography556 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography557 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography558 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography559 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography560 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography561 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography562 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography563 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography564 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography565 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography566 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography567 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography568 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography569 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography570 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography571 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography572 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography573 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography574 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography575

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography550 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography551 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography552 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography553 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography554

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography533 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography534 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography538 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography539 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography540 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography542 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography544 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography545 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography546 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography547 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography548 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography549

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography529captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography530 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography531

exclusive senior session

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