The “debate” on Apple’s iPhone 5 vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S III is at the top of technology news lists these days.  I like my iPhone 4 just fine – but the commercials, ads, hype, and news articles on the latest Samsung phone are catching everyone’s attention.  I just had to share the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial with you guys if you haven’t seen it already. I haven’t read up on all of the facts about the latest lawsuit between Apple and Samsung – but it seems to me that through college and learning about advertising, even though Samsung lost to Apple, it could end up benefiting them in the long run.  Here’s how I see it, Apple has been at the top or near the top of the list as far as technology/gadgets go.  So naturally, they won, just like the New York Yankees win all the time because they have more resources :P (I’m a Chicago Cubs fan – so it’s probably safe to say I’m a fan of the underdogs). In my opinion, this could work against Apple to a certain extent.  It’s commercials like this one I’ve shared that prove even if a company gets “knocked down” so to speak, it can turn into something great.  I think they’re marketing, advertising, and design teams are doing a phenomenal job right now and making the world aware that they’re not down and out at all.  They are right up there with Apple and I could possibly see them surpassing Apple as far as sales or popularity goes.  Anyway…that’s my little spiel about all the latest technological hype! :)

What do YOU think?