Our house is a house divided. Two of us are morning people who wake up each morning excited for a new day, a happy day, a new beginning, what is sure to be the GREATEST DAY EVER! (annoyed yet? Then you must not be a morning person…fun hater :P)

I have a theory. In life you either live for mornings or you don’t. In which case we partner ourselves with the complete opposite. Can you imagine a double dose of happy in the morning? YES! I can, it would be the best! Instead I get this…


Every morning I wake up ready to take on an awesome day and as I get ready I am greeted with the above image. Yes he’s going to kill me for this but I have two things going for me. One: he really doesn’t read my blog posts and Two: I’m writing this in the morning while he SLEEPS. You snooze you lose.
How about your family, divided? What other theories do you have about morning people vs non-morning people?