Recently Cesar and I renewed our vows for our 15 year anniversary.  It required a lot of planning and thought as to how we would decorate and commemorate the 15 years we had been together.  One of the things that I really felt was important was to include little bits of our families history into the day.  From displaying our Mother’s wedding dresses and photos to including charms on my bouquet of those who taught us much about love and life.  Little bits of history that have happened leading us to that very moment and made us the people we are today.  Memories are obviously very important to me and honoring them is a very special way of keeping those moments, people and history alive. 

Recently I had the pleasure of getting to know Mikayla, an upcoming “Class of 2013” graduate.  She came to our studio for her senior portrait session and while I was photographing she explained her jewelry choices.  She explained that she wore 3 different pieces that belonged to her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  It was so sweet to see her honor their presence in her life.  Not only will these images mean so much to her for her own memories but her family will have reasons to love them even more!  What a wonderful way to include loved ones. :)

– Paula