Sorry we haven’t blogged for a few weeks, it’s been another crazy whirlwind of a Holiday season here at the studio.  But we are thrilled to report that with your help we raised over $1200 at our Santa Charity for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep! :) We would like to thank everyone who came to support the cause – it is very near and dear to our hearts! We had such a great time with Santa and all the children! The photos will be posted on our website until January 1.

Visit our website to place your order for additional photos of your child with Santa.

The #1 gift kids asked for was the iPad. It’s no surprise that Apple knows how to even grasp the minds of young children.  Other presents kids asked Santa for were Thomas the Train, a baby stroller, a real motorcycle, a lego train, monster fighters, a remote control boat, a barbie carriage, angry bird star wars (???), polly pocket, a princess guitar, a pirate ship that shoots real canons, an airplane and new playdoh.  And our personal favorite…tape and other paper. :)

The images below pretty much sum up the feelings of the kids’ reaction to good ol’ St. Nick. Some shared their milk and cookies…some, screamed. Click on the image to enlarge.

Parker the Twins