boudoir photographyFrequently we are asked “What should I wear or bring to my session?”  The first thing to know is we would like you to bring MANY options that we can use. Before your session Paula will peek at what you’ve brought and offer suggestions based on our backgrounds and what inspires her artistically.

Bring clothing, lingerie or items that make you feel confident, beautiful and sexy.  Avoid anything that you don’t love or doesn’t fit you properly.  This is a luxurious session.  You will love your images if you are wearing what make you feel gorgeous.  Be sure to bring heels, they lengthen and create definition to your legs.  Some additional ideas are:

-Pearls or other jewelry

-Gowns or dresses

-Garter belt and thigh highs (be sure to avoid thigh highs with self grip for garters)

-Hair accessories

-Oversize sports shirt or sports items

-Your husband or significant others career or hobby/interest items

-For pin-up style photos props can be a great way to complete your look.  If you are looking for something specific let us know and we can direct you where to rent these items.

In addition, PAMPER YOURSELF before your session.  Schedule a hair and make-up appointment.  Hair can be stressful to try to complete yourself…if you get frustrated it can set the tone for the day.  Along those same lines, make-up is also a way to ensure you love your look that day.  Be sure to consider false eyelashes as they will add a beautiful dramatic look to the images.  You may even consider a massage appointment before or afterwards to complete the day.   We suggest the following professionals who are phenomenal at what they do and will take great care of you…tell them we sent you!

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Our recommended salons/spas:

Salon MohVi, tell Virgina we sent you! They will treat you well! 402.465.5363

Illusions Hair & Nail Salon, Ginger (hair stylist) is the best! 402.423.4949

Sweet Jane Salon, Casey (makeup artist) does beautiful work! 402.435.8601

Bella Spa, message/makeup/waxing/nails. 402.327.9726