No doubt you have begun to receive many offers for senior portraits already. It can certainly be confusing to know where to begin. That’s why it’s important to consider the following when selecting a studio:

Experience and photographer abilities: Paula has been photographing professionally for 16 years. The benefits of having an experienced photographer who knows their equipment, lighting and posing as second nature is paramount when you are spending your time and money to capture this once in a lifetime event.

Quality of portraits: There is a significant difference between discount store reprints and professionally crafted lab portraits. Because no doubt, you want your images to be around for MANY years in the same condition you purchased them in.

Studio experience: This is a factor that many do not consider. How enjoyable will my experience be? Will my session drag out and be uncomfortable as the photographer struggles to pose me or I pose myself? Or will my photographer explain and demonstrate quickly and effectively what I need to do to look my very best in my portraits? Most of our clients leave the studio saying “Wow, that was really fun and so much easier than I was anticipating..” (We’ll take that as a compliment!)

We certainly take pride in what we do and want you to know that we carry out that pride from start to finish with your session.  And by finish, we mean we are at your service with anything you need until you’re walking in the door of college your freshman year – or whatever door you open next after high school graduation.

Hopefully this has helped clear the air for you as you’re booking your senior session this summer! Remember, the sooner you book with us, the more you save, and the better options you have for dates and times!

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