…and we’re constantly changing the scenery.

Well we are back from our visit to Chi-town and we had a blast!   Our trip was geared to photograph some of the most gorgeous and kind-hearted ladies to include in our CLASS OF 2015 senior campaign!

“Why Chicago?”  Well that’s a great question.  I like to say “Why NOT Chicago?”  Especially since it’s only like one my most favorite places ever!  Lol.  The food alone would be enough to keep me satisfied for a lifetime.   However, we did have work to do and seriously, Chicago is beyond insanely cool to shoot in.  The architecture is phenomenal and there are new surroundings every second even if you stay put in the same spot.  I am the kind of person who feeds off the energy of the hustle and bustle, crowds, noise and even traffic.  There is nothing like it. Drawing on that much energy allows my creativity to go through the roof and it needs to go somewhere right?


We stayed at the popular “Wit” hotel right on State Street.  DIRECTLY next to The Chicago Theater.  It was incredible.  The Wit has some serious modern décor that we were in love with.  We started our shoot there.  Big thanks to the staff for allowing us to invade the lobby for a bit.  Speaking of the staff, they were ridiculously kind and attentive.  I’m thinking that it might even be one of my favorite hotel experiences ever because of their ability to make the stay perfect!

Ok, back to the shoot.  We then continued to The Chicago Theater and photographed some really great street scenes, complete with passer-by foot traffic.  :)  As I was demonstrating to Alex how to stand in the photo, a man driving by leaned out of his window smiled at us and shouted, “You go on and show her how to pose right!”  lol, we had a good laugh at that one.  Captured Memories, causing a scene everywhere. :)

That afternoon we spend some time in a great neighborhood with some beautiful brownstones and then headed over to the LaSalle Street Bridge to finish up.  It was COLD… like, freezing.  For real.  The girls were troopers and we really ended up with some incredible images.  We will be posting some sneak peeks periodically so be on the look out!

Lastly, we finished up with our very own Rachel’s senior photos for this year.  Union Station was the scene and it was gorgeous!  Rachel made a few friends and was asked to have her photo taken, lol.  :)

Will we continue to shoot in Chicago?  Oh yes!  Make sure to stay tuned we have BIG plans for that city, HUGE!  :)