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Since I was a little girl, there was one thing that continually occupied my thoughts.


Specifically newborn babies.  Their little toes, their sweet faces and all the adorable things about them fascinated me. I guess that’s why photographing newborn babes is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole entire world.  Not only do I have the opportunity to create beautiful memories for their adoring parents, but I selfishly am allowed to cuddle and kiss the tiniest of sweethearts while they sleep soundly in my arms.  (Sometimes the sessions last longer so I can simply relax into the happiest place on earth, watching a brand-new sleeping babe. There is nothing more nourishing or relaxing for the soul.)

For years I have built my business on relationships and many of those relationships have centered around babies, including OB-GYN and Midwife offices. Maternity stores and even hospitals.  Our studio also coordinates and wonderful and much needed volunteer program, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. provides photos to families who have experienced the loss of their precious little ones in order to heal and have loving memories forever.  I believe so strongly in the importance of memories and capturing them to look back on, the emotions we feel when viewing photos are so very deep and filled with love, I never want anyone to lose that!

I’ve always felt strongly  that displaying emotion filled portraits on the walls of Saint Elizabeth in the Labor & Delivery as well as the Postpartum and even NICU units would be a wonderful addition to the family feel and care you receive when you are a patient there.  After many meetings and discussions with the wonderful and amazing staff, we were able to donate our images to the hospital.  What is even better than that?  All the images displayed have a connection to Saint Elizabeth!  We’ve spent the last year photographing the staff, their families, patients, as well as gathering past images to make each and every image connect to the beauty and legacy that is St. Elizabeth!The Lounge 1

Advanced Baby Center 1If you get the chance to view the new Advanced Baby Center, you will be in for a treat.  They have remodeled so much of the unit and there is so much more to come!  The new family lounge is beautiful and there is a new family “Cafe” in the Postpartum unit as well!  The decor is cozy and comfortable, just what you want when you are bringing your new little ones into the world! KLKN has a small news clip on the opening and features our images!  View the clip:  St. Elizabeth Advanced Baby Center remodel

Our thanks to the many patients and staff members (and families!) who helped us with this project, as well as the immense amount of effort from Captured Memories staff and our wonderful lab!  (not to forget the sacrifice of my own family with all the late nights editing!)  My gratitude is so great that it is difficult to put into words!

-Paula :)

Behind the scenes look at the project…

Our trip to Iowa on one of the coldest days of that week to pick up the prints! Thanks to Steve and Frank, I could not have done that without you!

The pick up 1

The transfer 1

Delivering the prints to the hospital!

The delivery 1

Watching the images go up!  Thanks a million to John and Fred for the expert hanging utilizing lasers!  :)

Nruses station 2 First image up 1 Beautiful boys 1

Last month we traveled out to our friend Frank’s farm to visit him and try our hands at horseback riding. :)

Tessa & Kristen

Tessa and Kristen were really great at it while I tend to um, scream.  Yeah, this city girl was not as well versed in the horseback riding techniques.  Kristen rode Ted, who was quite ornery with her.   At one point he was bucking and it sure looked cool but later she explained it didn’t feel as cool as it looked.  Tessa’s horse Dusty, was very calm but very hungry and determined to eat.  all. the. time.  lol…I got to experience that myself when Dusty and I went for a little ride.  Frank so lovingly “pushed” him along until we ended up doing what I can only describe as  a “sheer terror” type of gallop straight towards the fence.  I was mere centimeters from breaking through it with Dusty until he turned at the last second.  (ok I made that up.)  But it was sheer terror…for a nanosecond.  :)

Afterwards we fed the new baby cow and hung out with Donkey… he was wore out from running around with the horses.   It was a great little get away and I even went home with 2 dozen of the most delicious eggs that you have ever eaten.  Thanks so much Frank…the girls are excited for the next time.

View the gallery HERE. :)

It’s almost time for our Santa Charity already, can you believe it!? Our popular annual event is going to be in a few weeks on Saturday, December 1st, from 9:00 – 2:00 pm.  There is no need to call and make an appointment or register or any of that hoopla! All you need $10 per child for a complimentary 4×6 with who? Santa Claus of course! Kris Kringle! The proceeds will be donated to a very special organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (

Pretty straight forward right? BUT, non-the-less there may be questions! We always have questions! If you’ve got one, email! Or call 402.890.5661.

Please don’t miss out on benefiting an A-MAZING organization and of course…seeing Santa, he’s a jolly ol’ soul. 12.1.12 | 9:00 – 2:00 pm

So I was thinking the other day that I had a chair obsession until I found a great batch of suitcases that were dying to come live with me. Yes, I snagged up six of these bad boys and added them to my collection. Thanks to Krafty Kash for the great find!  Check her site out…she makes all kinds of GOOD THINGS including sweet jewelry that is fun to wear and give as gifts…I’ve done both, so I know : )

Off to photograph some of these new gems…

“Our new prop loot”


This little cutie is ready for Husker football season! Are you?? :)

Our seniors just know what’s up.  Check out Ashley’s organization skills! This is her shoe tote that she brought to her senior session! Who doesn’t       wish they had all these cute kicks?! ;)

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