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Boudoir photography

Frequently we are asked “What should I wear or bring to my session?”  The first thing to know is we would like you to bring many options that we can use. Before your session Paula, our photographer, will peek at what you’ve brought and offer suggestions based on our backgrounds and what inspires her artistically.

Bring clothing, lingerie, or items that make you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy.  Avoid anything that you don’t love or doesn’t fit you properly.  You will love your images if you are wearing what makes you feel gorgeous.  Don’t be afraid to bring out your personality and try something out of the box – we are always ready for creativity! Be sure to bring heels, they lengthen and create definition to your legs.  Some additional ideas are:

-Pearls or other jewelry

-Gowns or dresses

-Garter belt and thigh highs (be sure to avoid thigh highs with self grip for garters)

-Hair accessories

-Your husband or significant others career or hobby/interest items

-For pin-up style photos props can be a great way to complete your look.  If you are looking for something specific let us know and we can direct you where to rent these items.

In addition, PAMPER YOURSELF before your session.  Schedule a hair and make-up appointment.  Hair can be stressful to try to complete yourself…if you get frustrated it can set the tone for the day.  Along those same lines, make-up is also a way to ensure you love your look that day.  Be sure to consider false eyelashes as they will add a beautiful dramatic look to the images.  You may even consider a massage appointment before or afterwards to complete the day.   We suggest the following professionals who are phenomenal at what they do and will take great care of you…tell them we sent you!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE TODAY! Or call us at 402.890.5661.

Our recommended salons/spas:

Salon MohVi, tell Virginia we sent you! They will treat you well! 402.465.5363

Illusions Hair & Nail Salon, Ginger (hair stylist) is the best! 402.423.4949

Sweet Jane Salon, Casey (makeup artist) does beautiful work! 402.435.8601

Bella Spa, message/makeup/waxing/nails. 402.327.9726

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We are so proud to be featured in the Summer 2013 Lincoln Children’s Museum newsletter! They have TONS of things to offer this summer including, birthday parties, music, summer camps,  and MORE summer camps! For more information visit!

Don’t forget >> book your MUD session for $60 or BAREFOOT in the grass (in June) for $60 here >>

childrens museum feature

Sooo, we had SO much fun making this senior video.  It showcases what a senior session is like here at Captured Memories. More specifically, it shows our premier session which includes hair+makeup (or $50 portrait credit, don’t worry guys) and a location of your choice, and MUCH more. Seriously. Well anyway, without further ado, watch it below! :)

Check out our cinematographer Kaylee’s website here! She wrote a nice little blog post about us here too.

For more info on all of our senior sessions and current specials, view our senior magazine!

You can book online and view our calendar here!

captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography519 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography520 captured_memories_photography_lincoln_nebraska_senior_photography521


Any of our sessions are available to book with a friend. Plus, you will each receive $50 portrait credit – how sweet is that?!

Book online at

The sooner you book your session the more you’ll save!


Our Class of 2014 Magazine is here! Do you know what that means?! TONS of great promotions and SALES.

Please check out our new magazine – these are some of the best specials EVERRR!

2014 Senior Magazine

Hey folks, sorry it’s been a while since our last post.  We’ve been busy at the studio this February! We’d like to remind you of current specials! Most of you should have our newsletter – if not, feel free to call or email ( and we will send you one! Or click here to view online.

Our boudoir/pin-up session is still 50% off until February 28th! This is SUCH a great opportunity for all women to experience. You can read more about this session by clicking here!

We also have the BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR for our Class of 2014.  You can prebook your senior session for $100 (reg.$300) plus receive 32 wallets, a Facebook timeline and profile image, and $100 in bundle credit.  If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please call us at 402.890.5661. And as always, you can book online here!

That is all for now! Please share this with friends and family and stay tuned for our March specials! :)

Our Winter/Spring 2013 Newsletter is here! Do you know what that means?! TONS of great promotions and SALES.

Please check out our new newsletter – these are some of the best specials EVERRR!



Sorry we haven’t blogged for a few weeks, it’s been another crazy whirlwind of a Holiday season here at the studio.  But we are thrilled to report that with your help we raised over $1200 at our Santa Charity for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep! :) We would like to thank everyone who came to support the cause – it is very near and dear to our hearts! We had such a great time with Santa and all the children! The photos will be posted on our website until January 1.

Visit our website to place your order for additional photos of your child with Santa.

The #1 gift kids asked for was the iPad. It’s no surprise that Apple knows how to even grasp the minds of young children.  Other presents kids asked Santa for were Thomas the Train, a baby stroller, a real motorcycle, a lego train, monster fighters, a remote control boat, a barbie carriage, angry bird star wars (???), polly pocket, a princess guitar, a pirate ship that shoots real canons, an airplane and new playdoh.  And our personal favorite…tape and other paper. :)

The images below pretty much sum up the feelings of the kids’ reaction to good ol’ St. Nick. Some shared their milk and cookies…some, screamed. Click on the image to enlarge.

Parker the Twins

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