Last month we traveled out to our friend Frank’s farm to visit him and try our hands at horseback riding. :)

Tessa & Kristen

Tessa and Kristen were really great at it while I tend to um, scream.  Yeah, this city girl was not as well versed in the horseback riding techniques.  Kristen rode Ted, who was quite ornery with her.   At one point he was bucking and it sure looked cool but later she explained it didn’t feel as cool as it looked.  Tessa’s horse Dusty, was very calm but very hungry and determined to eat.  all. the. time.  lol…I got to experience that myself when Dusty and I went for a little ride.  Frank so lovingly “pushed” him along until we ended up doing what I can only describe as  a “sheer terror” type of gallop straight towards the fence.  I was mere centimeters from breaking through it with Dusty until he turned at the last second.  (ok I made that up.)  But it was sheer terror…for a nanosecond.  :)

Afterwards we fed the new baby cow and hung out with Donkey… he was wore out from running around with the horses.   It was a great little get away and I even went home with 2 dozen of the most delicious eggs that you have ever eaten.  Thanks so much Frank…the girls are excited for the next time.

View the gallery HERE. :)